I clear the way for GenX Women to create and lead a thriving business aligned to their soul's values.


The women who have had enough of the frustration, the overwhelm, living with the head clutter, running to keep it all moving. 

Who see all their gaps as somewhat fraudulent, as everyone else has it all together! 

The women who say I’ve been doing this for years, I should know more, or do it better. They just get deer in headlights at working on their business. That’s not their mojo space. (It’s mine though)


The women who love delivering their service, in making a difference to others. 


Who are yearning to expand into a more confident story, one that is soulfully real for them, they can work their way and not what others have told them how it ‘should be’ 

I hear you, I get it!


What are you looking for?


I want to ..

Get sorted,  simplify my business, be coached in how to gain and keep customers that I really love serving and achieve new profitability levels

I want to ..

Have a deeper transformation  that I can get mentoring on business life harmony, with powerful discussions and accountability in 1:1 sessions

I want to ..

Get a map, Im lost with ideas, not enough or too many, and need help to see what I’m missing, where I’m stuck, and get back on track.

I want to ..

Write a new story about me and money.  I cant get past a certain income and I want to move out of these old messages I’m believing.

Inspiring sessions shared with..



client love...


Before working with Sharyn I was struggling to grow my network marketing business. I loved the products but couldn’t find my own way. I was questioning the existing ‘how to’ as although I came with business knowledge, who was I to question those that already had success? Sharyn’s vast experience within this industry, along with her innate ability to identify your style, your values and brings those right for you challenges. I grew, my business grew, it was an enormously rewarding achievement. I have loved working with Sharyn and exposing myself to new ways to be and do! Having this resource outside of my organisation has been invaluable


Thank you for an insightful Sacred Money Archetype® experience, Sharyn. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but so grateful you were able to dig deep and make some big inroads into some big money blocks. I have spent the afternoon yawning, so there is much clearing happening. I have just got home with my new gold box of OMO Ultimate which was on special! It is sitting on the top shelf of my desk as a constant reminder to “Own my Offerings”. I had a little chuckle because it had a special Winner Most Trusted Brand stamp on it. Thank you again!


I had a “Tell Me Your Dream Biz” chat with Sharyn this morning. I was looking for clarity around some ideas I had, and I most certainly got that!

Sharyn is highly skilled with business strategy and techniques, and can present your thoughts back to you in ways you hadn’t envisaged yourself. I highly recommend you connect with Sharyn for a chat too!


As a result of engaging with the Sacred Money Archetype® Experience with Sharyn, I am saying yes to things I would not have previously, I feel and act more courageously in business especially in the face of business challenges and financial conversations.

I also feel more empowered in my purpose and making decisions that allow me to live with it more consistently and fully. I am so glad I said YES to working with Sharyn.


Sharyn Swan has allowed me to sit back and see me and my business from a different perspective. She has helped me identify my strengths and determine what I truly want for and from my business. Her intuitive insights are truly spot on! Amazing experience. I encourage you to step into her guidance


Sharyn shares her wealth of knowledge so generously and truly wants to see us all grow and success along our chosen paths. Our session today was no exception. I was amazed by how much we uncovered about how my actions and beliefs are limiting me and I know the things I can implement right now which have already made a difference to my future


If you have not had the opportunity to work with Sharyn in a facilitated session then I recommend you not to miss out. This is an opportunity that I encourage you to jump on straight away. I’ve been in the Direct Sales Industry for 30years being blessed to work with many trainers around the world. Sharyn is one of the best, her practical no BS tips and strategies are from personal experience. She has walked her talk and teaches from that space, not always the case with many! She will hold you to account (as she has done with me) you will walk away with a strong action plan that WILL make a difference in your business and life when you implement it.Do yourself a favour, register now, plus share with all of your team, because let’s face it, its equally exciting seeing your team learn and grow  


I have had the pleasure of spending time with Sharyn’s Mentoring program and Wish Game. The sessions have helped me with marketing, social media, money blockages and looking past the obvious for my Mannatech business. Each session has taught me new ways of stepping out of my comfort zone to try new things, allowing me to dig deep to look for answers and work on issues holding me back in my Mannatech business. The latest program I have been involved in with Sharyn is the Sacred Money Archetypes® and has begun to unleash areas in my life where I have been stuck. Sharyn’s knowledge, and guidance have been invaluable to me. If you are looking to unlocking your true potential,  seek out Sharyn to refresh you and your business.


I was fortunate to attend a recent event where Sharyn shared with us the ‘7 Clues Where You are Resisting Money’. Her presentation, guidance and complete belief in people and helping them to HAVE, just amazes me! Connect with Sharyn, get moving those money road blocks