About Sharyn

With a highly successful background corporate, senior management roles, the direct selling industries, and being a self-employed entrepreneur Sharyn has an enormous range of skills and experience on offer!

She had incredible success taking a travel retail store that was earmarked for closure to become the National Flagship #1 location with a turnover of $25 Million dollars annually!

This significance attracted a fabulous working team and Sharyn has a well-known reputation for her generosity and team spirit and recognition that enabled her team to be acknowledged in a ‘celebrity status’ and they enjoyed many rewards as a result of her leadership.
Sharyn’s awards are vast in the area of Sales, Marketing, Innovation, Team Building, Leadership. She was recognised internationally as the Australian Leader of the year and was celebrated with a Business Class trip to Europe!

In her time in the field in the Direct Sales Industry, her stream of National elite awards, numerous acknowledgements, rewards, gifts, trophies including 3 company cars, many gold, diamond and precious stone jewellery gifts, international travel and luxury rewards enjoyed and shared with family and friends.

The opportunity to be engaged to inspire and develop numerous leaders, empowering over 1000 women in their consultancy in her family lines, and a stimulating and executive level income of over a MILLION DOLLARS.

Sharyn has worked in Travel and Foreign Exchange, Fashion, Skincare & Cosmetics, Marketing, with a vast range of local and global businesses. Her vibrant, infectious and warm personality instantly adhere her to others.

Sharyn’s true gift lies in her instinctive ability to pinpoint exactly what a business needs, develop an easy action-orientated strategy and implement it effortlessly.

She is the master of ideas for customer appreciation and leads by example as evidenced by her avalanche of repeat customers.  

From many years of colleagues from the global direct sales company that Sharyn was building her senior career with, she was constantly asked, ‘how did you do that’ ‘can you show me’ predominantly focused on the business development ideas and strategies which elevated her and her teams through branding, key niche marketing, and tracking actions that saw her rise from being named as ‘Rookie Director of the Year’ to earn 3 consecutive company cars, with the first immediately as she qualified from consultant into Directorship.

Sharyn loves connecting people, and their ideas, and businesses together. She has a huge network globally, she has proudly represented Australia in International forums and attended numerous Leadership seminars, some with over 10,000 people attending. Sharyn has delivered training and educational lessons as guest speaker at workshops and conferences throughout Cities and Regional locations of Australia, delivered training in the US to leadership groups and Direct Sales Teams, presenting in Asia to company consultants and directors.

Becoming a Certified Sacred Money Archetypes® Coach, Sharyn wanted to bring additional skills to her clientele, as she could see often great women were not receiving or keeping compensation comparable to their service. Diving into this work, she is learning much about the underlying stories we each have collected and hold onto around Money. Using the unique SMA tools and exercises she as an ‘Alchemist’ sees the significant change that clients have instantly and then 6, 12months on the increased momentum created in working through the 10 Transformational activities of SMA in the Money Mindset Breakthrough Programme

Collectively the clients she has coached on programmes or mentored 1:1, have generated over $300 Million Dollars in additional Sales during the time with her guidance! Her passion in this chapter is to work with those who are connected to Making a Difference in this world. This is a beautiful boutique experience when you ask Sharyn along on your ride.



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