Brand Clarity Package

Great to have you arrive here!

How exciting, you are embracing the desire to start an adventure of opening your business, or that you are feeling it’s time step-up your business and are ready to take on the ‘makeover’ experience!

It can be either that you have thousands of ideas swirling around, or none. You can be crystal clear on some parts and yet torn between options that seem to be in polar opposites to each other. Yes, there are always going to be many ways to express the message, we need to find the one that is most truthfully aligned to you. That feels a match from your soul!

Bring in the experts! Like a great orchestra, the outcome is made possible from the range of unique instruments that share their expertise and unite as a collective, because they desire a powerful experience as an outcome for the audience.

My love is to champion great women in doing their good in the world! 

I delight in creating seeing possibilities and creating ideas! I have a knack for guiding women in powerful transformations that they cannot believe has taken place

After having a Brand Clarity Session, you will confidently…

  1.  Identify your core audience
  2. Understand how your customers will feel by solving their problems, or increasing their joy
  3. Be on your way in creating your Message to your Market
  4. Feel a whole lot more ‘ease’
  5. Have a seriously more amazing logo! As you have a super happy Graphic Designer….

Your Brand Clarity Package provides

  • Preparation – with the ‘Tell Me your Story’ workbook
  • 90 Minute Coaching Session via Zoom or if in the immediate local area, in person
  • BONUS Tool to identify your Money Personality, so you can build your brand from within your natural gifts!

Once you purchase your Brand Clarity Package, you will be zipped over to your Welcome Portal where further goodies await to help you on this makeover… plus the calendar link to book in your session appointment!