How to Clear the Pain and Embrace 2019

How to Clear the Pain and Embrace 2019

I felt the message that there are a number of you reading this message right now that are desperate for some direction and encouragement to get through this feeling of ‘mayhem’ dealt with before you can go lay on the beach for a few days!

So here’s the idea..
I am going to share with you ONE step in teaching you the powerful ‘RX7’ plan that WILL clear away the pain and reward you with a smile and an excitement towards welcoming 2019!

Now if it’s already the start of the New Year – great! Start now!

Each Day is such a simple task, and incredibly sets off a deep release within your soul that after a few days or week you will feel more peaceful. I’ve found that the initial hours and days after I do this work, I can feel flat, emotional and with some grief.

Often there are physical responses that might see me cry, letting the tears fall, or going to the loo a lot!! I know it’s my way of shedding the story from my cells.

The Mantra – you may have resistance with saying that, just remember you are giving yourself permission to move from this space where this is holding you stuck. For whoever else is involved, that’s not your responsibility.

Wherever you are, I’m with you and supporting you and giving you encouragement today.

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