Women in Business

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Celebration Events 

As A Collaboration partner for NSW Small Business Month 2019, I’ve created a range of events to recognise and cheer on the amazing range of businesses that women are creating, and leading. From Solo-preneurs, Micro and SME we all bring a significant contribution to our community. Thank you for every step you take, and the lives that you influence in doing so.

There is a Facebook Online Event to showcase your products & services throughout the month, An Instagram Stories Campaign where, as a cluster you collaborate to shoutout to each other, and Co-Grow Workshops – we have one series just for female entrepreneurs! More can be added for your group, sales team, network – just get in touch via the form below

Congratulations, know that we need your sound, your voice of leadership

and bringing more inspiration and joy to our world!


Have your service, product introduced to new audience!

Be Celebrated

As a woman in business it takes resilience and persistence  -Bravo You!

You're not alone

You are the one woman show or the chief of the team and it can feel isolating

Facebook Online Event

share your business product, service, special offer on our ‘Introduction’ facebook online event! Expanding you to a larger network who love to ‘shop with small businesses’

Insta Story Sharing

participate in clusters to celebrate as a small business community, if you are an active Instagrammer and keen to collaborate then signup to join our shoutout campaign

Co-Grow Workshops

a hybrid mix of coaching, masterminding, planning, goal setting, personal mindset growth, brainstorming (oh and fun!!) into a unique group Workshop Series!

Hello! I’m Sharyn

The Dot Connector

I love helping women in business to have more peace, more prosperity and more play! My role is digging into the spots that are overwhelming her the most and inspire solutions that bring a true sense of fulfilment to her with a whole of life view.

I love connecting like minded people, building a spirit of camaraderie, that we all thrive in collaboration over competition, I am a belief builder and especially love encouraging women in receiving the version of life they find most delicious!

Contact Me

Seek out further information, ask a question 

0412 425550

Warners Bay, NSW