Support for women entrepreneurs to thrive as they receive powerful, inspiration to simplify their focus

What is it?

‘Check-in Club’ is a resource for many of my clients who after participating on the ‘SMASH’ Business Development Programme, want to keep the energy of feeling on track, and building momentum through ‘checking in’ for accountability, sharing their wins, and being open to discuss their roadblocks and be keen to hear suggestions from their peers in the intimacy of our small group.

I provide strategic ideas, to each of them towards their desired outcomes as we chat each month

Using some great tools, to really help them to keep their eye on the main game. 

Plus they enjoy the influence from an extended tribe of support, that shares a similar journey of understanding and encouragement.

To Champion more  Gen X Women!

I am expanding ‘Check-in Club’ as a Mastermind, to help more great women, become even more brilliant.  Those women who just need ‘something’ quick, focused, simple, and super cost effective!

You may not have been a previous client, you may live interstate, international.. as long as you can access an internet connection you can participate!

It will run for a Calendar Quarter of 3 months – and that might be just enough for you, or you might want to re-enrol for another Quarter and another.. you decide as you move through the experience. 

You are such a value to the world, and yet right now you might not be feeling or seeing it to the fullest view!

I know you will feel honoured, heard and safe to be discussing even those most basic of issues around creating a business.

And as Women, we can at times over-complicate it all!  (Maybe that’s just me 😉 )

The What, How, Who and Why for you


How will the ‘Check-in Club’ Mastermind work?


  • Monthly Group Checkin Video Call with Q&A  (60mins)

  • There will be no more than 6 women on each pod call

  • Each month we will review your 90 Day Plan for the current Quarter 

  • We use the NFP Connect Planner to guide you to greater success, simplified!

  • Reflection of progress, and roadblocks will be identified during our call each month

  • Our Support group hosted on Facebook will be a source for you to connect with great women who are undertaking this step-up season.

  • You can experience that feeling of ‘accountability’ that is missing when you work alone, by checking in your progress as a travel log

  • You will also have a great tool to identify hidden goodies that are already in your hands

  • It is one Quarter, 3 months – easy time frame to digest! 
  • You can choose to stay on for another Quarter, again and again.. your choice!

Who is the ‘Check-in Club’ Mastermind most suited for?

It is going to be ideal if you are…

A self-employed GenX Woman, either a new start-up looking to get on track right from the beginning, (so you are still around in 2 years time)  Or you have been operating your business for a few years, have existing clientele, generated viable sales/commission turnover but ready to work smarter and more sustainably.

You have either a creative product/service that you offer. Or you represent a product within the Direct Sales Profession and have begun building a personal team.

These are perfect for small teams, direct sales groups, friends, networking  groups, solopreneurs

Gather your own group or request to join in with one most relevant for your needs

It is going to be ideal, if you are .. 

Someone who shares these personal values… mutual respect, trust, honesty, can be trusted with the confidences of others, choose to be reliable, be a woman of your word, making a  contribution is important to you, team player, self-starter, take ownership to focus on solutions.

You have a heart and drive to Make a Difference in the world through the vehicle of your business You enjoy a laugh, and to bring a smile and friendly and welcoming energy to others. 

It is going to be ideal, if you are…

You are intentional to learn, show-up, be coached, track and measure, commit to the timetable and willingly implement the inspiration that come from the calls. You will make the time and priority for each Check-in Club Session

You want to have more peace, more prosperity and more play!

Why is it a great choice?

  • Reduction in time wasting – you are directed into the Most Important key things for this next 30 days
  • Would you love a massive boost of confidence?
  • Dramatically increase the sense of your value to play a bigger game
  • We will have some hearty energy ready to inspire you, and likely there will be some laughs to make you feel even more amazing
  • Plug in to support! This alone might be the ONE thing that keeps you staying in business.
  • What gems will come to life during our calls? Plenty!!
  • We are going to help you reduce, eliminate the doubt and self sabotage that can show up!

How to Join a Check-in Club Mastermind


Applications begin with a Zoom chat with Sharyn so she can understand the outcomes you are looking for, and to see if this programme is the best fit for you or not for where you are at right now.

Arrange your conversation in advance, by booking an appointment chat 

These sessions are so powerful, on point, centred around customisation to each participant receiving ‘right now’ feedback that they can apply immediately. 

If you are successful, you will then be able to Register onto the next open Quarter. The outline and investment information is outlined below.



  • One Hour Call each Month Via Zoom
  • PopUp Facebook Group for sharing updates and ask support from this community
  • Be coached honestly and inspirationally with Sharyn hosting each pod 
  • Collectively we share ideas and inspiration as we provide the safe space to grow.
  • BONUS Sacred Money Archetypes® Introduction!

Fabulous way to get powerful coaching, leveraged with group contribution and cost effective for your budget

Stay 3 months, or stay longer – you decide

These are perfect for small teams, direct sales groups, friends, networking  groups, solopreneurs

Gather your own group or request to join in with one most relevant for your need

I love guiding great women to have more of these outcomes..

Which ones do you want?

Truly own their worth
Impact on more people
Higher credibility in their expertise
Deeper transformation, increased confidence and courage
Feel truly ‘professional’
Business brimming with clients who they love working with
Ravving advocacy from their clients and community
Increased business smarts to keep in the game
‘Right’ opportunities flow in with ease
More profitable, which means they can do more for others

Regardless of the industry you are in, you are an expert at your trade,

but likely not feeling an expert at business!

Working with a Business Coach, they help to improve your skill and performance related to specific tasks of running a business. Having a tailored Business Course, that is guided by an coach, will provide you a new set of skills for your career.

A Mentor is an advisor who you can discuss ideas and their viability. Having the experience of a mentor can save you from wasting time or money on a strategy, help you realise a fresh approach to something. While usually focused on your business, mentors are also there to help discuss your life view goals that harmonise with your business. This counselling is a core part of your relationship with your mentor, you want someone who you can feel aligned with. In the discussions with your mentor they will provide advice and share knowledge based on their past experience, this is a valuable resource you have access to.

There’s either pain you want removed or

there’s more joy that you want to have!

Which one or both?

Let’s Chat to see how I can coach you to have what’s most important to you now

When suits you? Jump onto the calendar below and to arrange a complimentary appointment


Before working with Sharyn I was struggling to grow my network marketing business. I loved the products but couldn’t find my own way. I was questioning the existing ‘how to’ as although I came with business knowledge, who was I to question those that already had success?

Sharyn’s vast experience within this industry, along with her innate ability to indentify your style, your values and brings those right for you challenges. I grew, my business grew, its was an enormously rewarding achievement. I have loved working with Sharyn and exposing myself to new ways to be and do!

Having this resource outside of my organisation has been invaluable. Thank you Sharyn, you are an amazing lady. Donna Hampton - Manna Me

Way back in the very beginning of the Mentoring Programme (when I was at a very life changing low point in my life when I met you)….Totally unsure of what I wanted to do and grabbing at anything that I thought would be a great idea and produce an income.

Sharyn layed out in front of me the start of a map! (A life map actually)

Quietly in the background I have been studying at Uni. In January I will be starting with a conveyancing firm. If I hadn’t of met you I am not really sure what I would be doing now, possibly still stuck.

So I just wanted to say THANK YOU for giving me the map. Peta Randall


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