To your new season! Your next adventure of discovery and transformation is here…


What is it you most want to experience more of?

What is it you want to feel more of?

This is how you connect to your truth spirit and we are going to dive right in this year.

Your Bespoke Coaching Package 

What to do now?…

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Book in Your Monthly Coaching Sessions for 2019 now!

  1. Each one is 2 hours in person 
  2. These can be ‘saved’ and held for a half/full day intensive
  3. Having these in both our diaries well in advance makes it flow with ease!


‘Phone a Friend’

  1. *You have a 30minute phone call for you to use each month
  2. So I can be entirely focused to your needs – please book a call – can be same day where available


Sessions Structure

  1. Session 1 – We will nut out your thoughts for the year as ‘yes’ ‘be nice to’ ‘nup, no more of that’
  2. Ongoing Sessions – will have a mix of what’s come up, what you want to solve, strategy, healing your way forward!


Our Private Checkin space

  1. Our Facebook Group will continue – its a great place for you to log your actions, progress, journal thoughts
  2. Keeps our communication out of your ’emails gone wild zone’ so check into the group a few times a week

Extra Special Moments for you

You will enjoy some special experiences that I am arranging for you, outside of our scheduled coaching time together!

I’m still putting the final details together, and these premium & delicious events will be included in your Bespoke Coaching Package for 2019!


book your mentoring sessions in for each month of 2019