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I’m honoured that you have chosen my guidance to mentor you through into a new experience that will increase your confidence as you elevate your Leadership to self and others that is completely in line with your powerful identity internally.

You are a powerful, ready for change, ‘Rise-Up Woman’, saying YES in claiming your voice, feeling more confident in thriving abundantly and passionately fulfilling your truest dreams.


What to do now?…
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1. Complete your Preparation Workbook

  • Sharyn needs to receive this at least 72 hours prior to your first session
  • Allow 3-4 hours to complete
  • Complete as much detail as you can on each question that is relevant to your situation
  • If there is a question that does not relate to you at this time, then write N/A in the box



    2. Meet your Sacred Money Archetypes®

    3. Purchase a NFP Connect Planner

    • Included in your purchase will be a donation supporting Destiny Haven!

    BONUS If you have purchased a FIVE Session Package, your A4 NFP Connect Planner is included as a Gift!  Sharyn will bring it along to your first session, or it will be mailed to you if you are holding your sessions via Zoom

    4. Coaching Portal

    • In the next two business days, You will receive an Email Invitation to register with my 'Coach Accountable' Portal (important to check your spam folder)
    • On arrival into the Portal, you will find your Dashboard Have a look around and get familiar with it all!
    • This amazing tool-kit will be where we create your Action Plans, Metric Tracking, Journal entries of progress, Session Notes, and access additional Resources!
    • Importantly this is where you will book your Appointments for your Sessions with Sharyn!
    • Please make sure to book for your first session ASAP!
    • This Tool is a HUGE Bonus inclusion, (and another of my unique gifts) that will powerfully elevate your outcomes! 



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