Welcome to the ‘Alongside You’ chapter

I’m honoured that you have chosen my guidance to mentor you through into a new experience that will increase your confidence as you elevate your Leadership to self and others that is completely in line with your powerful identity internally.

You are a powerful, ready for change, ‘Rise-Up Woman’, saying YES in claiming your voice, feeling more confident in thriving abundantly and passionately fulfilling your truest dreams.


What to do now?…

Work through these steps,

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Book in Your 5 Sessions with Sharyn

  1. You have FIVE sessions with Sharyn 1:1 for 90Minutes each
  2. Choose to either have your sessions Online Via Zoom 
  3. Or In person, in the local area radius of Newcastle City – Glendale – Belmont


Complete your Preparation Workbook

  1. Download the Paper form to work through and polish your answers
  2. OR Submit Request for the link to complete Online via Google Docs
  3. Email the completed paper version to 
  4. Sharyn needs to receive this at least 72 hours prior to your first session
  5. Allow 3-4 hours to complete
  6. Complete as much detail as you can on each question
  7. If there is a question that does not relate to you at this time, then write N/A in the box


Join the Facebook Group

  1. Send a Facebook Friend Request to Sharyn
  2. She will invite you into a Group, just with Sharyn for you to report your progress each week!



ALONGSIDE YOU PACKAGE BONUS: ‘Money Mindset Shift Session’

Learn what your Sacred Money Archetypes® are

  1. Complete the Online SMA Quiz to assess your Top Archetype personality that guides your decisions
  2. Make note of the order of EACH of the 8 Archetypes


Book in your Sacred Money Archetypes® Money Mindset Shift Session 

  1. It’s ideal to have this session BEFORE your first Coaching Appointment – so book it in now
  2. You will need to do the SMA Quiz before the session
  3. Download the SMA Cards that Sharyn will refer to during the reading
  4. Download one Insights Tool Worksheet – either Personal OR Business –
  5. During your session with Sharyn,  you will work on Two Segments from one of those Worksheets

book each of your 5 coaching sessions in

preparation workbook


Request access to complete the Workbook online at Google Docs

learn about your sacred money archetypes®

Want more Coaching?

Take another round of sessions, or focus on deeper transformation in your Money Mindset empowerment 

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