A collaborative workshop series to support small businesses in building fresh momentum, boost confidence and claim powerful outcomes!

You are Invited!

I launched the ‘The Co-Grow Programme’  to bring a hybrid mix of coaching, masterminding, planning, goal setting, personal mindset growth, brainstorming (oh and fun!!) into a unique Workshop Series! 

I surveyed a group of small business owners & leaders and the top areas they want help with right now…

  • Increase their momentum,
  • Get a clear action plan,
  • Feel more on track about what they are doing in or running their business,
  • Have a sense of accountability
  • Improve profitability
  • Hands-on time to work on the business
  • Be part of collaborative thinking to brainstorm new ideas towards their goals!

All this and more will be delivered in ‘The Co-Grow Programme’

You can book an exclusive ‘live in person’ Workshop series as an ‘in-house programme’ for your

  • Staff or Department team
  • Company Colleagues
  • Direct Sales Teams
  • Networking Group 
  • Clients that are small business owners

If you want to participate as a single attendee, then request to join the Waitlist for a ‘public’ group programme.

Your group will have the expertise of award winning business advisor, coach and facilitator, Sharyn Swan as Host, to guide you with her tips, and points of view to ‘connect your dots’ that will significantly boost your success!

Scroll down to get the ‘How, What, Why’ and to Enquire for your group, or waitlist onto a Public Programme

PS: We can also be booked to bring this to your group in locations throughout Australia and an International version is available for delivery!

Sharyn Swan, The Dot Connector

***Opportunity to Get Started Now!***

If you are a GenX Female Entrepreneur based in the Hunter Region, NSW you are eligible to join into the ‘Flamingals’ Group Workshop series!  CLICK HERE to Register a place on that group


How will it work?

  • 4 Structured Workshop Events over 6 months

  • Each Workshop will be 3.5 hours, and include a delicious Morning Tea 
  • Time to connect with like minded peeps who can relate to what you are experiencing!
  • You will be Creating a 90 Day Action Plan to get on track
  • Focus on Goal Gaining by following one step after another
  • Collaborate! Pitch questions to the group, gain tonnes of ideas to formulate your Action Plan
  • Closing out the 90 Days, we revisit the plan, progress, identify roadblocks and brainstorm around them
  • We recommend the amazing NFP Connect Planner as course requirement, to simplify the process for you
  • There will be success tips throughout the Programme on creating your business & life vision, how to bring it together and live your dream week and year!
  • Each Workshop will have a fabulous Inspirational Segment to boost your belief and encourage you forward!
  • You can choose to stay on for another Programme round, again and again.. your choice!

Is this for me?

Yes if ….

You are ready for a fresh start, ready to gain new momentum, have a sense of being ‘back on track’. You are keen to work smarter for your own wellbeing, and for your bottom line!

It’s all okay! Don’t feel different, out of the loop, that everyone else has their ‘sh*t together’ – nope! We’re all the same just on our own roads, but we get the feeling of all those things.

You are so excited to hang out in a space that is real, you’re going to get stuff done, and feel a bond with others who are saying YES to being here!

Yes if…

You are someone who shares these personal values… mutual respect, trust, honesty, can be trusted with the confidences of others, choose to be reliable, making a  contribution is important to you, team player, self-starter, take ownership to focus on solutions.

You enjoy a laugh, and to bring a smile and friendly and welcoming energy to others. 

Yes if…

You are intentional to learn, show-up, be coached, track and measure, commit to the timetable and willingly implement your action plans. You will make the time and priority for each Workshop event

You want to have more peace, more prosperity and more play!

What are the benefits?

  • Reduction in time wasting – you are directed into the Most Important key things for this next 90 days
  • Gain a massive boost of confidence
  • Dramatically increase the sense of your value to play a bigger game
  • Dose up on hearty energy to inspire you, and likely there will be some laughs to make you feel even more amazing
  • Experience that feeling of ‘accountability’ you desire.

  • You’re not alone – You might not have an upline leader, available for support or you’re working for yourself!

  • Plug in to support and enthusiasm! This alone might be the ONE thing that boosts your whole year
  • What gems will come to life during our Workshops? Plenty!!
  • We are going to help you reduce, eliminate the doubt and self sabotage that can show up!
  • Experience a sense of accomplishment as you grow confidently toward your most ideal vision you have for your life! 

Insights gained from a few of the Workshop participants

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Pricing available for Corporate Teams, Groups and Solopreneurs

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I love guiding great people to have more of these outcomes..

Which ones do you want?

Truly own their worth
Impact on more people
Higher credibility in their expertise
Deeper transformation, increased confidence and courage
Feel truly ‘professional’
Business brimming with clients who they love working with
Ravving advocacy from their clients and community
Increased business smarts to keep in the game
‘Right’ opportunities flow in with ease
More profitable, which means they can do more for others

I had an amazing experience thanks to Sharyn Swan, The Dot Connector. I now have clear direction and inspiration drawn from such a lovely group of business women. ♥️

Kristina Bircsak - FIFO Capital

I am so glad I took the time – even when there is a million things going on and could have backed out. It helped with putting into perspective what I am trying to achieve and speaking out loud makes me want to achieve even more so. great for sharing ideas and bouncing ideas around to see other ways of possibly working things

Naomi Tyrrell - Mary Kay Cosmetics

I attended a co-working morning hosted by Sharyn that was a real treat. It was very powerful to get feedback from around the table.

I received some gold nuggets of advice and actual contacts for things I need, that will definitely progress my project. I feel energised and inspired. Sharyn is a great facilitator and manages to distill advice in a clear way and with pizzazz.

Julie Muir - Celebrant

Before working with Sharyn I was struggling to grow my network marketing business. I loved the products but couldn’t find my own way. I was questioning the existing ‘how to’ as although I came with business knowledge, who was I to question those that already had success?

Sharyn’s vast experience within this industry, along with her innate ability to indentify your style, your values and brings those right for you challenges. I grew, my business grew, its was an enormously rewarding achievement. I have loved working with Sharyn and exposing myself to new ways to be and do!

Having this resource outside of my organisation has been invaluable. Thank you Sharyn, you are an amazing lady. Donna Hampton - Manna Me

Way back in the very beginning of the Mentoring Programme (when I was at a very life changing low point in my life when I met you)….Totally unsure of what I wanted to do and grabbing at anything that I thought would be a great idea and produce an income.

Sharyn layed out in front of me the start of a map! (A life map actually)

Quietly in the background I have been studying at Uni. In January I will be starting with a conveyancing firm. If I hadn’t of met you I am not really sure what I would be doing now, possibly still stuck.

So I just wanted to say THANK YOU for giving me the map. Peta Randall