This agreement is made between you and Sharyn Swan for your chosen Package

I understand that the advisory, coaching business relationship is provided to help individuals and corporations identify their potential, set goals and gain clarity to create desired business changes. Increased results are at the individual’s implementation and quality of actions to deliver them and there are no warranties provided. You are entering into a business relationship with the clear knowledge that you are responsible for creating your own results.

I have sought the services of Sharyn Swan on my accord, to utilise additional training and personal development experience. Any and all information, resources, techniques, suggestions, skills and concepts provided to you by speakers, trainers, are not absolute and you have responsibility in clarification and application suited to your business applications. I understand Sharyn Swan expressly disclaims all and any liability to any persons whatsoever in respect of anything done by any such person in reliance, whether in whole or part, in this program. Please take well considered analysis and any appropriate legal advice before acting on any information or advice given.

I understand very clearly that this relationship is not a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis and treatment. Sharyn Swan does not diagnose conditions nor does she prescribe, perform medical treatment, nor interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional. It is recommended that I see a licensed health care professional for any physical or psychological ailments I have. I agree with the above conditions and understand I am responsible for the decisions and actions I take based on the information, advice, mentoring or coaching I receive.

As part of this agreement you will be provided access to a range of commercial in confidence information, documents, resources, learning materials, website, checklists, videos ‘programme materials’ that is the property of Sharyn Swan. If you are participating in group work you will most likely be privvy to confidential information about the business of other participants. It is a condition of participating in the programme that you treat any such information as confidential and obtain that party’s permission prior to any reproduction of such information.

You are not to reproduce, publish, copy, share, forward, or post on the internet any written materials without the written permission of Sharyn Swan or any Guest Presenters. This confidential obligation is, in part to ensure that programme materials do not end up in the hands of uninvested participants. All intellectual property, including copyright, in programme materials or works created as part of the programme are owned by Sharyn Swan, Presenting Expert, Kendall Summerhawk-Sacred Money Archetypes®. We may record video, audio photograph events or parts thereof. If you do not wish to be recorded, you must advise us in writing at the commencement of the programme. This agreement amounts to you releasing use of your image, voice and likeness in these recordings.

Sessions – Should Sharyn Swan become unavailable to deliver on those scheduled dates, due to an emergency or unforeseen reason, she has the right to change the date/time/event.

We reserve the right to choose to cancel any or all of the Package or Programme agreement between Sharyn Swan and the individual if we deem the working relationship has broken down or you have breached the terms and conditions of this agreement, or your behaviour is negatively impacting the participants that makes it untenable to continue. There will be no reimbursement for missed activity.

One to One Packages: If you wish to cancel within the first 14 days after making your payment, and no sessions have been availed, you will receive a full refund. Once one or more sessions have been used, remaining sessions are non-refundable. All sessions must be used within 6 months. 

Co-Working Programmes: We have a minimum participant level, you cancel within the first 14 days after making your payment, and no sessions have been availed you will receive a full refund. If you have paid in full and the minimum participant level is not reached, we will refund you in full once a decision is reached to cancel the programme. If we have a reschedule of dates you will be offered a transfer to the new dates first. Once one or more sessions have been used, no portion is refundable. No refund is provided if you are unable to attend any of the prescribed event/workshop dates 

If Instalment payments are declined, or late – there is a $40 Administration Fee
You will be suspended access to the package/programme until payments are up to date. You also understand that if you fail to honour these arrangements and debt collection services are invoked, that you are responsible for all costs and return full outstanding monies as total expense of the debtor.

Any travel, accommodation, meals, drinks not stated are additional and your responsibility.