You are in a special breed of women who know they want to make an impact on the world with their unique magic and are prepared to invest in themselves to get the support to make it happen.

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I’m honoured that you have chosen my guidance to mentor you through into a new experience that will increase your confidence in ‘being in business’ as you elevate your Leadership to self and others that is completely in line with your powerful identity internally.

You are a powerful, ready for change, ‘Rise-Up Woman’, saying YES in claiming your voice, feeling more confident in leading a business that is abundantly profitable and passionately fulfils your truest dreams.

What to do now?…
Work through these steps,

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Book in Your Strategy Mapping Session with Sharyn

  1. You have one Strategy Session 1:1 – for up to Two and half Hours
  2. If you are local to Sharyn, select that calendar option or choose the Online Via Zoom option


Complete your Preparation Workbook

  1. Allow 3-4 hours to complete
  2. Download the Paper form to work through and polish your answers
  3. Send to Sharyn: Either email the completed paper version OR Request link to complete Online
  4. Sharyn needs to receive this at least 72 hours prior to your first session


Learn what your Sacred Money Archetypes® are

  1. Complete the Quiz to assess your Top Archetype personality that guides your decisions
  2. Make note of the order of each of the 8 Archetypes
  3. Send to Sharyn: Either email the completed paper Summary sheet or from the Online Quiz
  4. Sharyn needs to receive this at least 72 hours prior to your first session


Join the TWO Facebook Groups

  1. Group Event information, reminders are set there and interaction with Programme participants
  2. 1:1 Group with Sharyn for any specific communication relating to your personal sessions


Event Timetable

  1. Download the current Group Timetable (these events are subject to tweaking dependent on speakers)
  2. Plot these into your diary now
  3. (These are additional to your Strategy Session or Platinum Level Extra sessions with Sharyn)



  1. You  have SIX Coaching Sessions of 90minutes each, with Sharyn 1:1
  2. Book each of these into the Calendar now – Via Zoom – or if you are local to Sharyn, in person if you prefer
  3. (These are additional to your Strategy Session and Group Events)

book your strategy session

learn about your sacred money archetypes®

book each of your 6 mentoring sessions in

Want more Mentoring 1:1?

During the Programme you can book additional One to One Sessions with Sharyn to work on deeper strategy, applications, or generating your next level leadership skills.

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quick tips

Raise your questions within the‘Programme Workspace – Facebook Group’. Sharyn will l check questions there a few times a week and reply.

The Monthly Lesson, is held Live for both Gold & Platinum participants. Please consult the Programme Timetable. The Zoom Link is posted the day before in our Facebook Group

Be timely with attending appointments, and ensuring your monthly instalments payments are available on your subscription.