What would you like to manifest this year ?

Have you got a project at home you want to finish, or a long awaited trip you are ready to take the plunge into, or an opportunity to expand your qualifications or your personal wisdoms? Or all of those!

Do you find manifesting these dreams into your life as living realities, to be challenging? Do you think it happens for others but not necessarily you?

When you think of manifesting, think ‘creative subtle energy that is actually showing up all around over and over each day’. The frequency of you noticing it and receiving it, is equally important to the biggest tip (the secret sauce)…

Pretend that the thing you desire has just happened! WOOHOO
Feel those juicy, joyful, spine tingling, heart leaping sensations, feel how your body moves and victoriously reacts…
You must place yourself deep inside those exact feeling sensations now, as if they have already happened!

Fast Track Tip… Invoke as many of your Five senses – taste, sight, touch, scent, sound into those feelings, will amplify your connection to drawing it to you, in less time and with greater ease.

Have fun thinking up ways to do so

  • Use an reminder alarm throughout the day with affirming statements
  • Find a piece of material, stone, wood, crystal, metal that you can hold
  • Connect with essential oils that elevate your mood
  • What does your desired joy taste like? Mmmm… spicy, sweet, crunchy
  • What is the song that energises you into the emotion of ‘it’s already here’
  • What images can you post on your phone, book, walls, fridge, wallet that take you straight into that zone

Having fun, giving it a rhythm and responding physically to the ‘knowing it is on it’s way to you’ dance, shimmy, groove, cheer..

If you have read the Laws of Attraction, it responds to one thing, Focus
Our one job is the be the Focus Factor.
What we are giving our focus into, frequently, and with enthusiasm becomes the sum of our life.
Focus on problems, we have more drama showing up
Focus on being delighted, we have more delights showing up

In 2018 I manifested $23,341 in gifts, treats, savings (and that’s what I noticed) by playing a game every month.
How much would you like to receive? How much game are you willing to have?

‘Spot the Treasure Game’ in just 3 simple steps 
1. Be Aware, ‘spot it’ learn to notice what IS showing up
2. Acknowledge it by writing it onto your log, 
3. Give Appreciation for it’s arrival!

Spotting the gifts, savings, upgrades everyday and recording their cash equivalent value. Doing it on a daily basis built momentum and the most magical surprises keep showing up.

Come and have a brag, share what’s showing up for you! I’ll be sharing my results throughout the month on this post on my Facebook page. Add yours there too

Download my Treasure Tracker Here – printout 12 now, so you are setup for the whole year

Wherever you are, I share a dose of encouragement today. 

And here’s to our 2019 Mantra – ‘I am Loved, I Love, You are Loved’


I’ll help you Connect the Dots to reduce feeling …

overwhelmed, anxious, stuck, invisible, undervalued

I’ll help you clear the roadblocks and reframe the way for you to receive … more peace, more prosperity and more play!