Welcome to your ‘Money Mindset Shift’

‘How we do money, is how we do life!’ So much of what have become deeply etched patterns impacting on our daily life is not even in our awareness!

Sacred Money Archetypes® reveal to you, your prime behaviours, gifts, sacred strengths and challenges that we can empower, with integrity to bring us closer to more ease and flow with who we truly are and how we wish to be in this life!

Thankyou for taking a leap and exploring this experience..


What to do now?…

Work through these steps,

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Learn what your Sacred Money Archetypes® are

  1. Complete the Online SMA Quiz to assess your Top Archetype personality that guides your decisions
  2. Make note of the order of EACH of the 8 Archetypes


Book in your Money Mindset Shift Session – Appointment

  1. Select from the calendar time/date that suits you
  2. On the confirmation email it will provide you the link for the Zoom meeting for your appointment
  3. Come back to that link on the day to access the session Video Call


Get Ready

  1. You will need to do the SMA Quiz before the session
  2. Download the SMA Cards ready, as Sharyn will refer to during the reading
  3. Download one Insights Tool Worksheet – either Personal OR Business –
  4. During your session with Sharyn,  you will work on Two Segments from one of those Worksheets


Want more Coaching?

Take another Shift session to complete more of your Insights Tools, or focus on deeper transformation in your Money Mindset empowerment by starting the ‘Money Mindset Breakthrough Programme’

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