In the light of the changes that Facebook have been delivering for quite some time and getting us to this place. And so, basically, if you think about it, there’s a ton of information out there and they really want to make sure that what’s flooding into the feed is really valuable to the people who want to see it. So there’s your first tip. Let’s take you through some of those steps now.

1. Are you there?

So the first thing that we want to have a look at is … Let me just get that for you. Is are you there? Are you actually showing up on your own Facebook page? Are you answering to comments? Are you engaging after your post or are you just putting a post out there and when you get to do your next scheduling next Monday you actually bothered to go back and see what’s happening. You need to be responsive. It needs to be exciting for you to see that you’re actually … If you want people to come to your page, where are you actually showing up on your own page? So definitely would be the first tip is saying, are you there? Are you even on your Facebook page? Or was it last time that you even had some sort of engagement was six months ago or something? 

2. What’s the vibe?

The next one I would say is, what is the feeling on your page? If we were to look at your Facebook Page like we did in the days of going in to your store, and you’re browsing through a boutique. What actually drags us in? What excites us to actually go in to the store? What’s the appeal? What’s the look? What is it that invites us in? So think about that with the energy that you’re putting on to your page. What is actually inviting the people to come on in to your page, stay a while, browse something. So have a think about what the energy is around the page that you’re actually creating as you’re going along, which is pretty cool.

3. Pitch

So part three is about the pitch. If all of your posts are trying to grab peoples’ money and trying to sell, sell, sell. Here’s something you can buy. Here’s something you can buy. Take this. You need this. You need that. And without any sense of establishing some needs of what they really do have beforehand is just gonna be a money grab, and we all … It makes us feel icky. We don’t want to be there. We don’t want to be in that place. It’s not like going to a supermarket. It’s really a matter of getting to understand what the customers are actually in the shop for. Going back to the first point and thinking, “What are they browsing for?” Because stepping into a boutique and having that browse around and look. But really sometimes we’re not gonna be buying. We’re not gonna be shopping that particular day. We’re getting the feel for what that person offers, stock and the feel and what they can … What product range they have, and how I could enjoy it. How could I enjoy wearing it? Trying it on, and is it a fit for me? So just back off the pitches every time. Yes, it’s hard. Make an offer to them, but if every one is just a dollar-related sales pitch then I think you’ve got … You’re clued in to why people are staying away.

4. It’s all Life

What is the life you’re living? How can people relate to you? Because ultimately, we have an opportunity for people to get to know who we are through visibility, building some credibility, the people decide if they like us, and then people can decide if that like is validated by people. Where’s the social proof around that? And then they’re gonna decide if they want to have some fun with us and getting really closer and closer to actually searching more on Google about us or understanding that you can see who we are. So it’s all life and in addition to what your products offer, there’s an element of life. So show them how you’re living yours. Show them that it’s part of the real world.

Because I laugh when these people say, “Oh, what I do on my personal Facebook profile is very different from my page.” But if you’re going to have these two distinct behaviors, you’ll get caught out because as a solo entrepreneur, as a person who’s running their own business, you need to be consistent. If you want to behave in a really awful, belittling, begrudging manner on your personal page and people aren’t gonna ever catch up with you, they will. They’ll see right through that, and people can still buy into that victim and that waa-waa story that you’re probably putting out about there, but then you want to turn around and try to sell them the joys and benefits of life, then there’s a whole disconnect there. And are they disconnecting from you because of that? So just think about, what is it that … It’s all life. It’s all part of the parcel. You can’t just segment everything and feel that there’s no crossover these days.

5. Show Me

So the final tip is, show me that you get me. What’s the relatability to the audience that you have chosen, that you want to speak to the most? How can they be enjoying more about understanding that you know them? You know their pain points. You know their goals and aspirations. You understand how they’re doing life, what’s on their feed every day, where are they hanging out the weekend? You can understand their purchasing processes, but other things take time. So just show me that you know me, and there’s some relatability from your previous experience, other customers’ experience, using case studies and testimonials are a really nice way of doing that as well. And getting the customers to have some engagement also.

Again, this is all about just these five things, and with the work that I do it’s often that I have clients come to me and they feel really overwhelmed. They’ve got a ton of stuff and they make it to be bigger than Ben Hur. I don’t know how to run a business altogether. It’s not about everything being 1000% right, okay?

But if we took a few key things and elevated them that 20, 30%, more smooth, more flow, then what you’re actually enjoying now, that will make a wow impact and you’ll get leverage from that quite quickly. So if that’s something that you think you’d like to have a conversation – book a tell me your dream business chat, and just have a listen to what it is that you’re building for yourself this year, and just might be a couple of points that I can share with you on getting some clarity around that.

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