Today what I wanted to talk about was the power of acknowledging another woman. I want to take you through five key points that I believe are really going to make a difference in your pace, the value to you, and also the way that we’re here to encourage other people, and especially women because creating your own ideas and being an entrepreneur, it takes so much guts and courage.

Often, the people who your loved ones are, don’t have a great deal of expertise around running a business or ideas for that, and they really are trying to support you. So your encouragement pool gets quite small, and there’s a whole lot of people out there who want to have a go at another person and tear them down. So therefore, where you’re actually receiving that fuel and that freedom from another encouraging word. Let’s look at these five quick key points to remember in the power of acknowledging another woman. So, let’s start with number one.

1. Don’t Scroll Past

Number one is don’t scroll past. If you’re on your feed, perhaps on Facebook or Instagram, Twitter, and you actually see someone sharing an acknowledgement, stop. They’re being so brave to actually share it without the fear of the Tall Poppy syndrome slashing them down. Then, acknowledge it, not just a lot to say, “Congratulations on your achievement.” I mean, really, three words. It’ll be so valuable food and nourishment for that person. And you know what? You show up being that encourager. So, number one, don’t scroll past.

2. She doesn’t deserve it

Number two, she doesn’t deserve it. Oh, what does this mean? There’s actually two parts of this that I want to talk about. First of all, you’re doing judgment whether she deserves this achievement to be acknowledged or not. Oh, check in about that for yourself. Maybe you want to get your little journal out and have a look and see what that’s bringing up for you. The second part about doesn’t deserve this is the word deserve. Deserve has so much judgment around it so that when I say to someone, “Oh, you so deserve that, honey,” it is really condescending and the fact that I’m making judgment whether you should or shouldn’t have had that acknowledgment or achievement. Wow, right? So if you replace the word deserved with achievement or congratulations on your efforts. So it’s then gonna be around what other words you can do.

3. Your Introduction

Let’s talk about your introduction, your introduction to the acknowledgment and the actual achievement. I would much rather hear someone confirm the work that I accomplished, confirm what I had to go through. So you’re actually focusing on the behavior that person has had to do, the actions that they took, rather than the label of deserve it, and that I’m allocating the fact that you have actually deserved it.

Coming back to deserve, fantastic when there’s a game of skill or chance, the lotto ball or odds, great, you so deserve that. Getting free tickets to Bon Jovi, yeah, you so deserve that. But when someone has put in strategy and focus and application and diligence and being there, showing up every day and backing themselves and the faith driven around that, then you know what? Take a moment to acknowledge exactly those words. So, Sarah, “I’m so excited for you and seeing your progress through every step that you were willing to take, the diligence that you’ve had in this journey, the yeses that you created for yourself, congratulations in all that you’ve risen up and through.”

That is the most beautiful way of acknowledging another woman because you’re actually honoring her, and you’re actually acknowledging the work that was involved in that. And then people can actually role model off that. People can role model off the behavior. Their children can role model off what they hear another person acknowledging about their parent. Wow, how exciting that she is actually getting acknowledged for these actions that she took, and the fact that she kept going, the fact that she had another go, the fact that she failed a few times and she got up again. That’s what we want to be an influence to our kids, right?

4. Shoe Sale!

Okay, so the shoe sale theory is this: If you hear there is a fabulous sale on your most favorite shoe shop, you tell everyone, “Oh, my gosh. Quick, quick, quick. Did you know? Did you know? Did you know?” And you can’t wait to tell other people about it because it’s something of value. So what I want you to do is translate that to your acknowledgment of another person, of another woman, and tell other people, “Oh my gosh. Did you hear that Sarah has just earned herself this? Oh, and did you hear that Sarah has just been recognized by that? Did you hear Sarah is appearing on the Today Show?” Whatever it is. That’s the share the whole shoe sale. Just do it with the same energy and the same excitement that you would if you knew that your favorite pair of shoes were on sale.

5. Honour 

And the last point is honour. Honour her, honour yourself. And that is, when you’ve got some great service from someone, someone who just cared about you that little extra more or saw you or acknowledged you, helped you, encourage you, then publicly thank them. Acknowledge them. Write a review on their Facebook page. Write a thank you card. Do a post on Instagram with their picture of their product and you saying, “Oh, my gosh. I’m really loving the packaging or how this arrived. Or the extra steps.” Take that time to honour another woman in business and how you would love to receive that energy back as well.

Focus on loving you more and the activities that you can do to help loving you a bit more, because the more love that you have for you, the more that you’ve got that to pour into others as well. And we can all rise by lifting each other.

So, til the next time, look forward to reading your comments below.  If you’ve loved these ideas, please share with me what might have worked for you, what’s, “Aha. Yeah, I’m going adapt that into my way of thinking about things as well

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