Today I want to talk about the art of the love language. These are the five love languages that you’ve heard, or you may not have, of Dr. Gary Chapman talk about the profiling and the way in which you love to receive love. There’s a fabulous quiz you can take to determine your personal profile and your preferences. What that allows you to do is understand how you want to communicate love, how you want to receive it.

I’m going to go through what the five are in a moment, but what I really want you to focus on is when you take the quiz, thinking about how you can implement some of your preference of your primary love languages, your one or two, into your daily tasks, into your weekly tasks. Let’s get started.

1. Acts of Service

Number one is the Acts of Service. This is my prime love language, and that is when someone who cares about you can step in and say, “How can I help you,” or, “Let me take care of that.” If you’ve got a full to the brim schedule, someone just who’s picking up the vacuum cleaner and starting to vacuum for you is great and you go, “Oh, wow. That just shows that you understand what I’m wanting to achieve and here’s how I can support you with that.” Okay?

2. Words of Affirmation

Number two is Words of Affirmation, and this is my second primary one, and why I understand is that I love hearing those words but I really understand when someone says, “Oh, I love you”, or “I thank you” or “That’s really amazing”, or “I really appreciate you.” I like understanding what’s behind that, like what triggered that, what was it that they’ve been made to feel, and also what did that generate inside them.

When someone says that to me, I just really want to understand that it’s part of the whole hug and the feel of it. So, think about words of affirmation and how I use that to honor myself is I have lots of sayings and expressions in my home and around my place that just supports, that thrives on that affirmation.

3. Physical Touch

Number three is physical touch. This doesn’t have to be completely intimate, but a hug, someone brushing your hand, or just wanting to tap you on the shoulder, and they love receiving that. For them, it’s actually a transferation of security, and to know that someone has their back. The physical touch is really important. Sometimes you gotta check in with people. Do they want a hug? Is that important to them as well?

4. Quality Time

Number four is quality time, and this is a rare commodity at times. Just being in the space with each other, focused on each other. Not necessarily with TV happening, and all the other exciting chores that have got to go on, but just being in that space together. Perhaps a quality activity together. It just says, “You are important to me. I’m with you, and I hear you, and I feel you”, and that’s really important to see.

5. Gifts

So, we’ve got the last one to do, which is receiving gifts. Before you say, “Oh, my gosh! That’s just so expensive and materialistic!” No, it’s actually the thought that’s gone behind the gift. If it has the expression of saying, “I really understood what’s important to you, and I’ve prepared for this, and I’ve put that effort into it”, and they love the surprise element of that during their day, as well.

So, it’s not necessarily a dollar related value, but it’s actually the coming along song of that person to say, “I know this is important to you.” It could be a flower, a wild flower. It could be any color that is a preference for that person. It just sees that that person feels that they’ve been seen and heard.

There’s the five love languages. I think we could talk about this for a long time, but in this month of focusing on love yourself more, I’d really love you to take the quiz, and just say, “In my partner relationship, I wonder what theirs is. I’ll get them to do the quiz, if they’re open.” But also, how to love yourself more. How can you actually translate that to that?

It helps you to live your best life, to feel more abundant, because if you’re feeling more love to yourself, to others receiving it, you just elevated yourself higher and higher, and that means vibrationally you’re going to be open to more opportunities, open to more abundance, more possibilities, more hope. And that’s where we actually are flowing with the stream and not trying to fight ourselves upstream.

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