Seeking a map, an action plan, fresh clarity, confidence boost, or clearing your old money patterns..

Let's Connect Your Dots...



Being Self-Employed for the last few years, you’re at a point where you want to get a clearer picture of where you are heading. You want to expand your skills set, business confidence, tackle the processes to get sorted and setup. 

Recommendation..  ‘Connect The Dots Business Development Programme’ that will provide How To Lessons, Strategy, Business Planning & Action & Accountability Coaching over 8 months, with Intensive Workshop days with Guest Expert teachers.

This Programme has Two Intakes a Year – Register your interest for Pre-Release info –

Or start with a Package of 3 Coaching Sessions to get you unstuck around a key area, that you need help with now.



You’ve just landed a new Career role or seeking out the next step and want an independent support in boosting up your confidence and clarity or on specific elements of the business, leadership, management, financials

Recommendation.. 3 Coaching Sessions to get stuck into a key area that you need help with now, these can be done via Phone during work hours or early morning.

Or Package of 5 Sessions that offers in person meeting and extended to 90minutes for a deeper consultation and receive a Bonus ‘Money Mindset Shift Session’

Life Reinvention

Feeling a disconnect in this new stage? Kids have become more independent, less running around for you, wondering what interests to pursue, what can you reach for that offers a sense of fulfilment for the who you are becoming next?

Recommendation.. I think everyone should experience a ‘Money Mindset Shift Session’ to reveal your Sacred Money Archetypes® and how they influence all your decisions, from subconscious connections to your gifts, strengths and challenges.

You might want to follow onto the ‘Breakthrough Intensive Programme’ for a deeper dive into clearing your blocks.

Or add on a Package of 3 Coaching Sessions to map out your new view, goal setting and discoveries led in truth from your leading Archetype’s Empowering Mindset

Coaching Packages Menu

Use your Sessions for discussions and consultation on….

  • Business Planning – Create your unique Map and How to Action Steps
  • Business Development Ideas
  • Creative Problem Solving – around your specific issues
  • Personal Upgrading – Leadership to Self and Team, Your Worth, Vision, Clarity & Confidence

In your pre-work you can state your preferences and we can detemine the 3-5 Key Areas of Focus for our sessions


  • 3 Session Package
  • 1:1 Coaching
  • 60 Minutes each
  • One per month or multiple sessions
  • Via Phone
  • Weekly Check-in
  • Leather Bound A4 Planner


or 3 Month Instalments of $367+gst 

Single Payment Option if you prefer to have as a one session intensive.


  • 5 Session Package
  • 1:1 Coaching
  • 90 Minutes each
  • One per month or multiple sessions
  • In person meeting*
  • Over breakfast, coffee, or lunch 
  • Weekly Check-in
  • Leather Bound A4 Planner
  • BONUS 'Money Mindset Shift Session' valued at $297

*Available within the local area radius Newcastle City - Glendale - Belmont


or 5 Month Instalments of $647+gst 

Single Payment Option if you prefer to have multiple sessions per month, or have a full day coaching


  • 6 Months Group Coaching
  • Plus Pre-Season preparation
  • 1:1 Business Strategy & Planning Session
  • 90 Day Planning and Reflections
  • Monthly Call - Accountability & KPI Reporting 
  • Monthly Live - How To Lessons 
  • Two Day Intensive Workshops each Quarter
  • Special Guest Experts
  • Lunch, Morning & Afternoon Tea at Workshops
  • Leather Bound A4 Planner
  • Graduation Celebration
  • Certificate Recognition
  • 2 Intake Groups a Year 
  • Small boutique Group around 8 participants
  • BONUS Utilising some 'Sacred Money Archetypes' tools & techniques throughout the programme

From $625+gst per month - Gold Level

Platinum Option includes One to One sessions with Sharyn on top of Gold Inclusions

Single Payment Pricing also available


Sacred Money Archetypes® Coaching Menu

Within you is a unique “money code” called your Sacred Money Archetypes® – this is your language about Money

Once you discover what your money archetypes are, it will feel as if all the puzzle pieces of your life easily fall into place

  • Take the Sacred Money Archetypes® Quiz
  • Your Prime Sacred Money Archetypes® revealed
  • Personal Reading on How your Top 3 are influencing every decision
  • Identifying two of your deepest money blocks
  • Clearing away energy around it
  • Via Phone/Zoom up to 45mins


Add this onto a 3 Session Package

Great Gift for your Leaders, Friends, Family!


  • 10 Hours Transformational Coaching
  • Across 1-6 month time span available
  • 1:1 Private Facilitation
  • Take the Sacred Money Archetypes® Quiz
  • Your Prime Sacred Money Archetypes® revealed
  • Personal Reading on How your Top 3 are influencing every decision
  • Extensive Programme Modules
  • Clearing old Patterns
  • Pressing Reset 
  • Create your Conscious Money Compass
  • Discover your Money Voice
  • Shattering your Money Glass Ceiling
  • Empowering new Money Boundaries
  • Creating your new Money story
  • Your Brighter Future
  • Via Phone/Zoom


Or 6 Month Instalments $677+gst 

Or 4 Month Instalments $997+gst

Choose the Single Payment Option if you prefer to complete as an Intensive, with multiple sessions per month or over half-full days


‘I will help you sort out, and simplify!

Clear the roadblocks, get inspired by the view,

where you will be having more peace, more prosperity

and more play as you sing your unique song to the world.’

There’s either pain you want removed or

there’s more joy that you want to have!

Which one or both? Let’s Chat to see how I can coach you to have what’s most important to you now

When suits you? Jump onto the calendar below and to arrange a complimentary appointment


I was looking for clarity around some ideas I had, and I most certainly got that! Sharyn is highly skilled with business strategy and techniques, and can present your thoughts back to you in ways you hadn’t envisaged yourself. I highly recommend you connect with Sharyn for a chat too!

Aly Brown - Triple Digits Tribe

Recently I attended an intimate session with Sharyn. I found this session a real eye opener as to broadening my goals for my business. Providing inspiration and helping me to set some new goals to push forward. Truly a remarkable day.

Donna Haddow